JRM Exclusive

JRM Exclusive is a concept designed for the player that wants to develop faster. We want to give everyone the same opportunity to develop regardless of:

  • Where you live
  • Where you are today
  • Your skill levels
  • Your ambition

With our concept everyone gets better. You choose how much time you want to invest and how much support you need. All this adds up to your specific level. We have models and leveles for any age and ambition level. We customize your program based on your levels and your goals!

What can we offer?

• Competences for all levels

• Experience from all positions in hockey

• Top class experience from NHL, KHL, SHL etc.

• Staff experience from Juniors and up

• 30 years experience from educating regionally, nationally and internationally

We also have expertise within mental training and communicative coaching with certifications for ICC. This is something that works for life coaching, business coaching, relationship coaching both invidually and for teams within sports as well as businesses.

We can also offer behavorial profiling with D.I.S.C to give you the best possible opportunities to communicate with others and to develop communicative strategies.

Can you imagine better support than through JRM Exclusive for your individual or your team’s development?

Basic package
1.995 kr/year ex. VAT

  • Membership with access to 5 ice drills and 5 off-ice drills based on your level.
  • Access to food plan basic
  • Mental input
  • Monthly offer in our webshop

Exclusive Level 1
Contact us for offer

  • Membership with access to 10 ice drills and 10 off-ice drills based on your level.
  • 10 online chats/year with our coaches
  • Access to food plan level 1
  • Mental input
  • Monthly offer in our webshop

Exclusive Elite
Contact us for offer

  • One Intensity/HQC Camp free of charge per year
  • 2 coaching sessions via video
  • Membership with full access to all ice drills and all off-ice drills based on your level.
  • Access to food plan
  • Monthly video calls
  • Monthly offer in our webshop

Look out for even more offers in the coming weeks. If you want a specified off-season program or one-to-one coaching with you as an individual or your team, drop us an e-mail and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Best regards,

Jocke, Ragge & Micke (JRM)