Intensity Camp Clearwater Ice Arena, Clearwater January 2-4 2020

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JRM Intensity Camp

We’ve got some great news. JRM will be coming back to Clearwater for another Intensity Camp from January 2-4 2020.

About JRM

At JRM we offer world-class hockey camps! That is not something we take lightly. Register to try out our services in Clearwater once again.

Why JRM?

Go outside the comfort zone and be the best you can be!

We work with established players from the NHL, AHL, SHL as well as other Pro European leagues. We have coaches with vast experience lead by our very own Joachim Ahlgren.

Continuity in every camp! Three on-ice sessions and one mobility session.

We work outside the comfort zone. We work hard!

Individual development is at our core!

On ice

On-ice we have coaches with masses of experience. You’ll get individual feedback in real time!


You’ll have to opportunity to have coaching clinics with Mikael Andersson, certified ICC coach

Our goal

Our goal is to develop each individual and help you reach your goals!


All individuals are different and the same goes for learning. Everyone will have equal opportunites to learn and develop even further.

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Intensity Camp Clearwater <b>$495</b>

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